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Benefits of Membership
Duties and Responsibilitirs
Fines and Quarterage

Those wishing to join the Company apply in the first instance to become Freemen. They will be over the age of 21and will be chartered and registered architects. It is normal for the candidate to be known by at least two members of the Company who act as the proposer and seconder.

Following an interview with the Admissions Committee a recommendation is made to the Court of Assistants who vote on the election of the applicant. Candidates will often have attended some of the Company's functions as a guest.

When the Court has agreed to admit the candidate as a Freeman of the Company he or she will attend a meeting of the Court to subscribe to the declaration.

The new Freeman is then free to apply to the Chamberlains Court at Guildhall to become a Freeman of the City of London "through the intervention of a Company".

Freemen of the Company who are Freemen of the City may apply to the Court for election to the Livery.

The Company is governed by the Master, Wardens and Court of Assistants (up to 24 in number). Election to the Court is normally by invitation based on seniority in the Company. Acceptance of the invitation to join the Court carries with it the assumption that the candidate is ready and willing in due course to serve the Company in each of the three Warden roles and ultimately as the Master of the Company - unless prevented by good reason.

Benefits of Membership

It is a privilege to be a member of a City Livery Company. The historical connection with the governance of the City allows members to play their part in the election of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs and to support them in their roles as ambassadors for London and the country. There are opportunities to attend function in Livery Halls, St Paul's and other City churches which present a rich range of varied and surprising experiences. There is also the chance to take part in the charitable and educational activities of the Company.

Duties and Responsibilities

Members of the Company are expected to support the Master by attendance at as many events - functions, visits, lectures etc as is reasonably possible.

One of the ancient and most important duties of a Liveryman is to attend Common Hall at Guildhall each Midsummer Day and Michaelmas Day to take part in the election of the Lord Mayor and the Sheriffs. This privilege of attending these unique and colourful ceremonies dates back over 800 years.

Freemen of the Company are entitled to join the Guild of Freemen of the City of London where they can meet with Freemen from other Companies and those elected by the Court of Common Council. Liverymen may join the City Livery Club which has premises near Guildhall.

Fines and Quarterage

Admission to the Company as a Freeman incurs a "fine" - the amount dependant on age. A further fine is payable on election to the Livery. In order to finance the day-to-day running of the Company an annual payment known as Quarterage is due from all members of the Company. This is normally collected annually in July by Direct Debit.

Benefits of Membership
Duties and Responsibilitirs
Fines and Quarterage

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